Sabine O’Laughlin


At 57 years of age I discovered my love for ballroom dance. Having been catapulted out of the masculine world of corporate America, reduced to a commodity, all over sudden without a job after 28 years I began my continuing search for balance and joy in my life. Aware of silver linings in everything that takes place in life I was looking where my own sliver lining might be - and, true to form, I entered the ballroom scene with the attitude of a man - get in there, just do it and I promptly tore my meniscus and had to stop dancing. THAT got my attention because I was beginning to realize that I had missed myself as a woman all my life and that the ballroom dance was a way of me to BE rather than DO. I decided to make an appointment at Body Balance Institute, get a body analysis and take a few private sessions. THAT changed my life! After 2 sessions I walked out, feeling the left side of my body like I had NEVER felt before. ALL of me was lit up. I noticed the voice of the men in my family always saying NO when I just wanted to say YES! It was a deep YES to myself for the first time.

To say that my experience at BBI has been life changing would be a rude understatement! I feel that I was given my life back! Not only has my knee with the torn meniscus (a major reason for my starting with BBI) completely healed, but my body is aligning and strengthening allowing me to pursue my love for ballroom dance and taking things deeper and further. The instructors are absolutely fabulous and knowledgeable and each one brings a unique aspect to the sessions, all in a very beautiful and fun environment! I did not know I could move like this! A real gift!