Renee Favo


I first heard about Pilates as a college dance student, since it was known to create long, supple muscles with an emphasis on the core. Thirty years of aerobic and weight conditioning classes followed, but there was still something missing. That “something” is a strong mind-body-spirit connection, which I’ve found at Body Balance Institute. (No, I’m not a New Age guru.) I immediately appreciated reformer and Gyrotonic classes for the post-practice sense of calm and well-being, even though my legs often quiver from strength work as I walk to my car. Flexibility, strength, proper breathing, and alignment are addressed by incredibly well-trained BBI teachers who are attuned to students’ needs and limitations. I found BBI just as my spine was beginning to feel the effects of gravity and too much time on the computer (while sitting). For me, Body Balance Institute is truly the missing link in a well-rounded wellness plan, and a worthy investment of time and money.