Rachel Martin


They had me at C-curve. I’ve been taking classes with Body Balance Institute since 2011. I’d done mat classes before, but there is no comparison to the studio experience. My first private made it clear that Pilates is a permanent part of my life. The quality of instruction, the attention to detail, the friendly atmosphere are just some of the reasons you’ll enjoy your experience here. To BBI and the wonderful staff – My legs thank you, my core thanks you, my triceps thank you … I thank you!

Kristin was one of my first instructors when I joined this phenomenal studio. I designed my travel schedule around her classes so that I'd never miss a class. That's certainly moving students! Kristin is always challenging us to move not only our bodies, but move our expectations of what we can do with our bodies. Her energy is boundless and so is the appreciation her students have for her.

I've taken lessons with Cheryl for over four years now and hope to take with her for another 40! Cheryl's natural enthusiasm and delightful personality ensures you keep moving and pushing through some really challenging work. And even though you know it's work, it's so much fun you almost forget about the work part of workout. If the studio could bottle her energy for direct injections I'd be set. Here's to the next 40 years with a fabulous instructor and an even more fabulous person!