Nancy Whittington


Blink and my eyes would open to a new day of pain. After enduring years of repetitive ballet practice and movement experimentation to choreograph ballet and modern dance moves (then topped by childbirth), my SI joint would taunt me daily with searing pain. Working with Vicki Sullivan and her extensive range of body balancing wisdom, she has corrected the misuses of poor, youthful decision-making. My bony structures have achieved physical equilibrium while my brain enjoys emotional strength under Vicki's long-term tutelage. This could not have been achieved without the patient guidance of one who does not give up.

Using her power wisely, Vicki would employ Pilates strengthening, Gyrotonic spiraling, Smart Bell eccentric slow work, Orbit fun, plus Oov moves to train facial lines, coupled with a genuine caring that wouldn't let me quit. There was always a way to train away pain with Vicki's deep understanding of body mechanics.

Bones don't know how much time it takes to operate and manage a successful studio on top of all the other things required to be successful in a competitive Pilates studio environment, but I am sure glad Vicki is still taking clients!

When you finally decide to take the time to focus on your broken-down body, BBI offers the range of expertise needed to challenge your muscles or heal your pains. Try a session and you'll come back for more.