Mayra Gonzalez


I have been a student at Body Balance (BB) for few years. Lisa Long, one of the instructors, introduced me to BBI. Lisa suggested that I joined pilates group lessons to add a different experience to my pilates practice. I started out with one group lesson; but I am currently taking three lessons per week. I like BB. The instructors are excellent and very experienced. They bring their own routines and ways of teaching which makes my pilates practice more challenging and interesting. I find the schedule of classes comprehensive. The staff is always working to bring the best and the newest in both pilates and gyrotonic. At the end of my lesson I feel happy and invigorated. I like the fact that the instructors are very personable and truly take a genuine interest in your well-being. I recommend BB without hesitation. It has been a fantastic experience for me, and would like to see more people joining the studio so they can experience the many benefits that both disciplines offer.