MaryAnne Aycock


As a dance professional and yoga teacher, a strong healthy body has always been important to me. Some would say I am a bit of a snob when it comes to choosing those who will teach and guide me.

It was a true blessing when Vicki opened the doors Of Body Balance. I have been a client almost since day one. Vicki and her team are all topnotch professionals. They have in depth knowledge of the disciplines they teach and they never stop learning.

Each one has helped me in some way to be strong and injury free.

Recently a freak accident changed everything. I slipped in the supermarket and fractured my hip! The doctor was amazed at the strength of my bones. He was able to do a repair rather than a hip replacement. My time in physical therapy was less than half what was anticipated for a person of my age and size. I contribute that good news to Pilates, Gyrotonic and the great teachers who inspire me to keep moving. Only 9 weeks after surgery I took my first private lesson with Vicki.

My physical therapy is now complete. The doctor has released me three months ahead of schedule. Back in class ready to rebuild my strength and flexibility, my heart is singing! My story could have been very different. Please believe me, what Body Balance offers is so much more than looking good and feeling great. It’s genuinely about a pathway to good health and well-being.

Thank you Vicki and everyone at Body Balance!