Mary Ann Callahan


I’ve worked with Vicki and Body Balance Institute for over three years. I had tried every imaginable workout program and either lost interest or did not feel like it made an impact. Until I met Vicki. I work full time so have the challenges of sitting in an office and on an airplane all day and also try to stay in shape so I can show my dressage horse Prime Rate competitively as an adult amateur throughout the Southeast. The two don’t usually mix and oh by the way, I have a bad neck and shoulders and have poor eating habits. SO, I needed to find a program that worked with my schedule, my sport (I’m supposed to look tall and elegant and I’m not built that way) and helped me as I try to age gracefully. I work out twice a week with Vicki and intermix pilates and gyrotonic. This mix has helped me improve my posture, strengthen my core and sooth my aching joints. Vicki understands that riding is very important to me and I’ve brought her videos and pictures so she could analyze my posture and weaknesses and help me improve my dressage scores. I love the personal concern, mix of work out options and schedule and I feel like I have a team behind me (p.s. you can get a great massage at BBI too!). Oh by the way, my dressage scores have improved and at 50 years old this year I feel great!