Maria and Francinne Anez


Pilates has done many good things for us. It has transformed our bodies and minds. Two years since starting lessons, Pilates has changed us. Not only does Pilates help us to have healthier bodies, but we are also more aware of our bodies. We want to thank Cheryl, our instructor, who has been so supportive and informative about our bodies and the importance of maintaining it strong. Pilates has helped us not only to carry our bags, but also heavy groceries bags with almost no effort. Moreover, it has also helped us to do other activities. We have done ice-skating and not fallen because our core is strong enough to control our movements, kayaking without our arms getting fatigued, tap dancing, and indoor rock climbing. We see and feel the difference. We feel stronger and we see ourselves healthier. We love Pilates. It’s an exercise that is dynamic, and there is always a new thing to learn. It is worth doing for a lifetime.