Lisa Gibbs


I, like most, have tons of paper in piles that I mean to get to soon, or some day, but soon, or some day, never comes. And so, when it became time to clean my paper pile, a crisis had come. It was time to get my stuff in order. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

On August 5th, 2011, the news was infiltrating ductal carcinoma that had metastasized into my breast tissue and into to my left underarm lymph nodes. So began a very agonizing, stressful time in my life. It was difficult for me to see the forest for the trees. September 1st, 2011, I started a five-month round of chemotherapy, followed by lumpectomy, removal of twelve lymph nodes and thirty-two cycles of radiation.

I have always strived to take care of myself, eat right and exercise. Weight bearing and walking/running was my agenda for many years. I knew my cancer treatments would slow me down. I felt weight bearing would be too difficult and I just couldn’t motivate myself to get out and walk. There were many days I could barely get out of bed and finding motivation became one of my biggest burdens. It became clear I had to figure out how to limit the muscle atrophy, among other negatives, and approve my negative mental attitude that so often comes with chemo.

I found my answer at Body Balance Institute. Sure I had heard of Pilates but honestly, I wasn’t sure what it even was. Instinctly I knew it would work for me during those difficult months of treatments. I decided to make a visit to Body Balance and after explaining my situation to the owner, Vicki, I signed up and started my first session September 7, a week after my first chemo treatment.

Getting out of bed and attending my sessions was a struggle. I hate to admit how many times I wanted to call off but somehow managed to get myself together and get moving. Vicki was there waiting and so accommodating in every way possible, working with my medical schedule, providing me with my own hand straps and cleaning everything before I used it. She was always sweet, patient and helpful in every way, that now that my treatments are over and I have returned to some form of normalcy, I still go to Body Balance.

Vicki continues to be my private instructor and now I always go with enthusiasm. Everyone at Body Balance is so nice, instructors and clients alike. The instructors are professional and knowledge and Amanda, the receptionist, is extremely competent always answering my e-mails immediately and is so accommodating organizing my schedule. On top of that, the facility is spotless and well organized.

I believe that Body Balance, Pilates and Vicki helped me through a very difficult time. I always felt a hundred percent better after finishing a session than when I came in tired, unmotivated and feeling like I was going to throw up.

I can’t recommend Body Balance Institute enough. There are tons of program options and every one is just so darn nice that once there you don’t want to leave. I firmly believe that my work at Body Balance was great therapy and helped me keep some power over my physical body and mental well-being. An extra bonus, Pilates is great fun and so very good for your body!

Thank you Pilates, Vicki, Amanda, and all associated with Body Balance.