Julie Engelien

Julie Engelien


1.) Why do you come?

Initially I came to BB because I had knee injuries from tennis. A friend recommended BB and I trust her opinion. I have been coming for almost 3 years, 3 times a week and not only do my knees feel better but I feel better all over as well.

2.) What's different about Body Balance Institute than others?

BB is an intimate setting where you get one on one attention. All the instructions are very knowledgeable and have such a kind and gentle way of instructing. I not only get to exercise but I learn many things about my body as they explain what we are doing and why we are doing it. They have taught me to take care of myself.

3.) What benefits have you received from coming here?

I have a much stronger core, I have met some of the nicest people and I feel better physically. The vibe at BB is so special and I love coming to class. It’s a place that I can go and tune out the rest of the world and that is what makes it so special to me. It has helped me cope with the craziness of COVID and how our lives have changed. Thank you Vicki and staff for giving me a special place to take of myself.