John Wilbur


I stumbled into Pilates quite by accident some 6 years ago. I was actually working out at a typical gym downstairs from the Body Balance Institute. That is where I injured my reoccurring back issues and had to take a break from lifting weights. Not wanting to not work out for a while I literally stumbled up the stairs and found Erin and Pilates. This happy 'accident' has changed my life. Erin helped with my chronic back issues straight away and I have not had anymore incidents since. But she also prepared me for not one but two hip replacements! If I had not been seeing Erin and increasing my core strength I know I would not have come through both surgeries with the fantastic results I experienced. My Mayo doctors were amazed at my fast recuperative skills and I owe it all to Erin and the Body Balance Institute. I try to see Erin a couple of times per week but sometimes that doesn't work out with my travel schedule. But when I do see her she is professional, knowledgeable and so inspirational. I am an active 55 year old man who enjoys golfing, fishing, and hunting. Erin and Pilates will help me continue doing all the things I love to do for many many years to come.