Jodi Matthews


For over 2 years , my Mother in Law and I have been taking Pilates instruction from BBI, and Taylor Brown has been a huge inspiration for our anticipation to continue our "Better Health" journey.

My MIL is 89 yrs. young, and as you may imagine, "Life" has given her some challenges along the way that make it important to recognize the value of physical health as well as emotional happiness to enjoy her "golden years" to their fullest.

Taylor Brown has been so studious in making sure that she knows about all of the physical limitations, but also the awareness that our weekly Pilates sessions allow Gwen to accomplish. Stamina, Flexibility, Breathing, Core, Focus are a few of the issues we work on.

We especially appreciate Taylor's educated explanations of the body movements and functions and benefits that are executed with each class.

Pilates, and Taylor Brown have given Gwen ( and I ) a new lease on life, .... Keep moving, feel good.

We also feel that we have made a lasting friendship.