Diane Powers


I want to start this by acknowledging all the wonderful women that I have been blessed to have as my teachers on my path of Pilates. They all deserve to be acknowledged as women that heal. I know for a fact that the need to acknowledge my body and give it the love that it deserves came after trying for years to do it the abusive way. My body fought back and led me to what it needed and wanted… MOVEMENT.

The first time I called Lisa was shortly after my Father had passed. That in itself was a huge release but I was not right in my body. I committed to 6 private lessons with Lisa at her home studio. I was in for a life changing experience. Lisa gently and without judgment showed me how movement heals. Her understanding and commitment to healing ourselves with and through movement was a life shifting experience.

I had horrible sacral issues that I believe many women have. More than a few just ignore the relevance until the pain is too great and then go onto modern medicine that can help the pain but there is no sacred (sacral) healing. Lisa was able to show me how to heal through movement.

I continued with Lisa in group classes. I was always in awe of her knowledge of the body and the anatomy of movement. There is freedom in my body that I acquired through Lisa sharing her knowledge.