Dana Kontras


As a nurse, a breast cancer survivor (of 8 years), a clinical researcher, with a passion to advocate to eliminate Native American health disparities; does not make me an expert on self-care. My hope is to be a trusted health provider for my patients. I hope to lead patients to the strength they have within to transform health status. Like an abandoned boat tied to a mooring exposed to the stress of the elements -- a metaphor for how I see my body. How can I be of any good to my patients? I was interested in the Body Balance Institute because of their pledge to transform their clients by certified instructors and a range of prescribed 'movement' modalities. Upon meeting Cheryl she took me into the envelop of care with understanding. Her assessment was thorough and validating. It took no time for her to see where the weaknesses were. Cheryl is' light' and good energy. She has a calming, happy aura that makes it very easy to be at peace, comfort, in safety and sets a readiness to learn. In-between the first 3 sessions, I had an incidence. One related to a busy day that required a rescheduling and the other, when I fell at work. Cheryl was helpful and flexible. She reassessed the range of motion. This therapeutic relationship with Cheryl has helped to reset my body. She is an outstanding care provider of individualized transformational therapy. Cheryl is my holistic healing navigator and quiet mentor.