Candy Clem


It has been over four years since I first began my Pilates training at Body Balance Institute. The improvements in my quality of life have been wide-ranging. Initially, I came to work out with Vicki on recommendation of a close friend. After a thorough evaluation and consultation, she suggested that strengthening and stretching my back and abdominal muscles would help in alleviating my painful back spasms, which were due to my worsening scoliosis. That was the beginning of my journey to a healthier, fuller, life.

BBI is not a "one size fits all" studio. As I now continue my workouts with Cheryl, I feel confident that she is in tune with how I am feeling on any given day. Not only do we work on all parts of my body in toning and strengthening, I also learn from her how to best modify how I do things at home, so as not to aggravate my back. She has also taught me what kinds of exercises I can do at home to keep my limber. The studio sessions are very through, comprehensive, and tailored to my specific needs.

I am so grateful to have found a place that is sensitive not only to my physical needs, but that is also warm and inviting. A highly professional and caring staff make the whole experience at BBI both therapeutic and enjoyable.