Bob Wall


After not running for over three decades, I decided to begin running again with a goal to complete my first marathon. After several injury related stops and starts, I had the great fortune of being introduced to the Body Balance team – “team” being the operative word. This Body Balance team is an amazing group of passionate professionals who truly care about helping you achieve your goals and do a great job in working together with each other and with their clients. Pilates has been a key ingredient to my training as I have been able to strengthen my core, increase my flexibility and learn how to engage the right muscles that has helped minimize injuries. One of the best aspects of being at Body Balance is the diversity of programs and services. I integrated massage therapy, facial stretch therapy, and acupuncture as key aspects to my preparation and recovery for my running – all leading to not only completing a marathon, but also completing a number of much longer ultra marathons. And recently I have begun taking Qigong that has turned into another truly amazing journey. I am so very grateful for Cheryl, Erin, Vicki, Andrea, Carrie and the rest of the Body Balance team for helping me achieve a sustained lifestyle of wellness and personal exploration!!