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Since we opened our doors 15 years ago, we have been working with numerous dancers and their instructors. All forms of dance require a high level of body awareness, coordination, focus, grace and fluidity. Techniques taught and used at Body Balance Institute allow dancers to perfect and fine tune their skills as elite artists of dance and enhance their skill set required to perform this competitive sport.

At Body Balance Institute, we work on the small details as well as the big picture of whole body tuning and awareness using Gyrotonic®, Pilates and bodywork. Our role is to deconstruct movement that is out of balance and reconstruct the tissue and overall structure to allow dancers to move with proper form. Each dancer comes to us with specific needs to improve their ability and reach the next level. Body Balance Institute collaborates with dance teachers to provide an experience that focuses on each individual dancer. We also help dancers through long-term injuries and post injury issues that inhibit proper movement.

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Gyrotonic® allows the ballroom dancer to open the body and create space so that movements seem effortless and graceful. It teaches the dancer dynamic stabilization of the core and torso, how to move in spirals and waves, how to isolate movement for specific styles of ballroom dance, and increases strength and stamina.

Pilates focuses on the strength of the core and flexibility of the spine while addressing correct posture and alignment. It teaches coordination, focus, mind body awareness, and the importance of connecting the breath to the abdominals and the movement in general.

Fascial Stretch Therapy and massage techniques realign the tissue and help the dancer release tension in the body while regaining strength in tight tissues that have become restricted.

Acupuncture and Healing Touch (energy work) help to bring the meridians and the chakras back into balance. These techniques address the immune system, overall stress and wellness, and the emotional connections between the physical and the mental wellbeing.

Our master-level registered dietitian works on fine-tuning the food fuel that a dancer uses to improve endurance.

It is a joy to work with these serious dedicated armatures and professionals; helping them fulfill their dreams and ambitions and to become the best that they can be!