Countdown to the THE PLAYERS!

Body Balance Institute Blog

Who doesn’t love a good countdown? In school, it was a countdown to spring break. In class, you might be grateful to hear your instructor say “last two.” This time of year the beaches are on countdown to THE PLAYERS at Sawgrass. As of writing this blog, we are a mere 36 days away from tee off!

For us at BBI, we actually have a shorter countdown. In preparation for the tournament, we will be ousted from our usual spot in the media center in just a couple of weeks. The Gary Player Fitness Center for PGA TOUR employees will be emptied of the Pilates Reformers, ballet barres, treadmills and medicine balls. Equipment and classes will temporarily relocate on the TOUR campus, and we will enjoy how this special time of year really amplifies the energy of everyone out at Sawgrass.

We hope you’ll join us in the excitement of our countdown! While we are not clearing out of our Gary Player Fitness Center home quite yet, we can feel the energy and anticipation build as preparations are made for the tournament.

We’ll be sure to let you know when we move our “last two” chairs to our temporary home!