Anatomy in 3D!

Cheryl Forehand Blog

Body Balance Institute is a host training site for Balanced Body, the largest Pilates education and equipment company in the world.

Last year I began my journey to became a master trainer and faculty member for Balanced Body. I began with Anatomy in 3 Dimensions where we use clay to shape muscles and place them onto a skeleton model building from the inside out.

Teaching these anatomy classes are so much fun and I have met some incredible teachers. I just completed teaching my tenth workshop and look forward to many more!

This year I completed the faculty training for the comprehensive Pilates program. There were twenty- three teachers from around the world in our first class. Teachers from Turkey, Bali, India, Switzerland, Columbia, Panama, Trinidad, Singapore, Germany and yes…the United States. It was not only an amazing learning experience but I have made so many new friends. Balanced Body is a community of wonderful and caring teachers from around the world, sharing their passion of teaching mindful movement to help others improve their quality of life. As this community grows so does the ability to find a studio or teacher if you travel or relocate. I look forward to continuing this lifetime of learning so that I may teach it to others. I am lucky and so honored to be a part of this community and to be a part of our host studio at Body Balance Institute!