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    yoannaMy passion for Pilates has been an on going LOVE affair. Here is a bit of my background and why Body Balance Institute is the perfect fit for me.

    After my desire to get serious about modeling peaked in my late teens, I knew there was a major hindrance to me succeeding in the market due to my clothing size at that time being a 12 -14.

    Along with some changes in my diet (see Yoannas’ Blog on our BBI website), I was introduced to Pilates as a means to achieving the svelte feminine body required to make it in the very competitive world of  professional modeling.   But my passion for Pilates grew even more after I reached my goals, as I realized there was so much more to it than just the physical results. I  discovered and started training on various apparatuses and with various methods. I tried different styles of Pilates and found that they were all so exciting and varied. In Pilates, I have always felt like an eternal student.   I am always learning how to better my posture, dig deep into my core or just flow (my favorite part).   Pilates always brings me joy. My Pilates trainings increased in NEW YORK CITY and I tried to make it a minimum of 4 times a week. Wether it be the Cadillac, chair, reformer, or just a kick butt mat class, it was complimentary to sustaining my vigor after finishing a shoot or after working on a grueling production. My Pilates sessions were also my way of removing myself from the hustle and bustle…and it didn’t hurt that it gave me the necessary cinched waist that helped  me stay “booked” as a professional model.

    After I had my son, I had to leave NEW YORK CITY to be closer to my roots and enlist the support of my family in babysitting as my traveling increased. I felt bummed at having to leave the NEW YORK CITY posh Pilates studio behind and my routine, uncertain if my hometown would have anything similar or comparable? Until I came across, BODY BALANCE INSTITUTE. Apart from being a sleek elegant space, clean, equipment beyond, the instructors are warm and knowledgeable. BBI sets the bar for what a studio has the potential of becoming and the expectation of a Pilates enthusiast…A Pilates lovers dream world!  Not only do I feel a slice of heaven after leaving a Pilates session from BBI but I am now getting seasoned in the wondrous world of GYROTONIC (r) through the intelligent and generous Vicki Sullivan.

    From all my experiences throughout the years, I have come to really cherish my workout routine.  It’s a combination of strengthening exercises and cardio. Somehow women get pushed into masculine workouts, boot camps, and weights. I’ll be honest; I find sweaty dudes and their grunting-noises pretty amusing and being shouted at to repeat reps rather frightening. I prefer working with a series of Pilates exercises that are always evolving, Gyrotonic, barre classes, resistance bands, or just using the power plate. But most importantly, consistency is the only way to achieve and maintain results.