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    My experience with this course was very positive. I felt like the information/exercises were covered thoroughly, there was enough time to absorb everything we learned, practice and ask questions. Our instructor Jenny was amazing and so full of knowledge and information. I never felt as if I was asking the “wrong” or “stupid” question. On top of just covering the material in the book she had great suggestions for how to work with a wide variety of clients and she made us feel as though we can always go back to her with questions that may come up in our future studies or teaching experiences.


    I am thrilled with how much I enjoyed the Reformer 3 workshop. Our instructor, Jenny, was so patient with the millions of questions I asked. I walked away at the end of the week feeling confident in my new knowledge and excited to pass it onto others.


    Mat 2, taught by Jennifer Landels, was excellent! After taking this course, I can’t wait for the next one.


    Jennifer Landells was amazing, patient and positive. She was attentive and gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to move forward with my personal pilates practice and future career.


    Awesome course. Great instructor. Great host site. I’m going all the way.


    Vicki Sullivan rocks. Love the process. Balanced Body is awesome.


    Vicki is truly an inspiration! Her insight and passion for the field of pilates made for a truly invaluable experience. Cant wait for the next course!!


    Vicki was an excellent instructor. She made me feel very comfortable. I hope to continue with further training. Thank you!


    I love the flow of the course and the way the material is taught. Having an opportunity to practice on a peer was extremely helpful. Vicki is very knowledgeable and I’ve learned so much from her!


    I enjoyed the small class size with this course because the exercises were more challenging and complex. I felt it helped with pacing and being able to discuss them in more detail.


    Thank you for being so explicit. I also appreciate the way you take time to answer questions thoughtfully


    I loved this course! The material was very useful and helpful. It really helped me fine tune what I had been doing before and gave me things to improve on. Kristen is an awesome teacher!


    Flow of course was great! Loved book work to demonstration to practice was perfect! Explanations were very clear and thorough.


    Outstanding sequential delivery of information. Kristen is a patient, positive teacher!


    Course itself is good. Kristen made it exceptional. Her understanding of Pilates and her desire to instill those in my kept me engaged and interested. In my opinion, she made the course for me!


    Kristen is always so encouraging and so knowledgeable. This material is so helpful and really helps solididy the material in Reformer 1.


    Fun and informative!


    Exceeded my expectations as always! Thanks Kristen for pushing me beyond my comfort level in my teaching and practical. You are so comforting and so encouraging. Love your teaching style!


    It was an amazing class. Great group of ladies and the teaching opportunity was awesome. Kristen is so positive and encouraging.


    Excellent class! Easy to follow, relaxed, and intimate environment. Very progressive teaching philosophy with hands on application. It would be nice to have the pictures up on the screen so we wouldn't have to track in the 2 books- we could just look up. Vicki- great class! Very fun and a great way to spend a Saturday! Can't wait for the next one.


    The course was amazing, The 3-D elements combined with the muscle dance really helped to bring the information home. I loved that we split the days up, I don’t think the second day in a row would have been beneficial. The visualizations, songs, and other learning tools really helped my understanding of how the muscles move the body. It was a fantastic experience! Thanks Vicki!


    Thank you so much for your insight, your enthusiasm and your knowledge. It is all much appreciated.


    I loved, loved Cheryl Lemmer. She is professional and fun! I loved her energy and extensive knowledge of anatomy, alignment and movement lines. Barre training was amazing!


    The barre teacher workshop was excellent and moved beyond just teaching class. Our instructor was extremely giving with her teaching!


    The Chair workshop produced excellent discussions. There were excellent presentations and explanations for understanding. I learned wonderful cues for teaching all levels and abilities.


    Cheryl Lemmer's attention to detail on each of these exercises was particularly enlightening. Thank you for your passion for Pilates. It's infectious!


    I learned a lot in our Chair workshop, and my instructor was a greatly experienced teacher!


    This was a great class! It was a wealth of knowledge and well taught with a good pace. We all received great feedback. Thank you!!!


    This is an excellent teaching school. Vicki and her staff are awesome. I learned a ton and the manual was excellent.


    You guys do an amazing job. The material is fantastic.


    Vicki was an excellent instructor. I am looking forward to another workshop with her in the future.


    I love the format. Learning the exercises and then teaching a few to other participants was great!


    Class was excellent. Kristen was great and very informative and helpful.


    Great instruction. Wonderful details. Great energy. Positive attitude and a fun group.


    Always informative and enlightening on so many levels. I love all my BBI and Balanced Body Education Workshops!


    This was my first Pilates instruction experience. I felt very comfortable and welcomed. I can leave here and feel confident about what lies ahead. Thank you!


    Vicki, my instructor, is a truly amazing woman. She has such a deep understanding of the material and the human body as a whole and she has such a gift for sharing that knowledge. Her enthusiasm is impossibly contagious and I not only walked away from this course at the end with that shared enthusiasm but also with the confidence that I would be successful in passing my new found knowledge onto my Pilates students.


    Vicki Sullivan is an excellant instructor! Her Jacksonville studio offers an environment both comfortable and stimmulating to learn Pilates in. And her expertise proved to be very useful and educational. I look forward to taking future classes with her to better my Pilate’s knowlege and hopefully one day become an excellant instructor, such as her, one day!


    Cheryl,The instructor was awesome. Please bring more trainings to Jacksonville. Your trainings are high-quality and wonderful. Thank you.


    The training was great!


    The Mat 1 course was a great class, looking forward to being able to put a class together & practice teaching.


    I really enjoyed this course. Vicki is a great teacher. I am really looking forward to Mat 2!


    Mat 1 was an excellent foundation course. I felt that Vicki covered all the basics and more – and clarified the questions that I had as a beginning instructor. The manual is excellent (I will refer to it often!) and I’m excited to continue my training! Thanks!


    Excellent workshop.


    The course was excellent! Cheryl is a FABULOUS teacher. I really like her pace through the material, the round robins, and her responsiveness to the students. Thank you!


    Cheryl is a born teacher. She doesn’t just teach, she educates. Her depth of knowledge and passion for her subject are outstanding. Her enthusiasm for her craft shine through in every class she teaches, and every session I take from her. Her mastery of the body and anatomy only help to make her a more dynamic instructor when it comes to teaching people how to teach. Balanced Body is extremely lucky to have Cheryl representing them as faculty.


    This session was the best. The instructor was patient and very thorough. The teaching was more than the ‘moves’ – it was about really understanding the underlying purpose of the exercise and how it integrated.


    Cheryl is such a great teacher, and her use of time during a four hour workshop was ideal.


    Awesome! I loved feeling and trying the material before getting a chance to teach. Thank you for the support and involving me in the weekend.


    Kristen is a very detail-oriented teacher who is very energetic, outgoing and knows her material thoroughly. It makes the workshop a very pleasurable experience.


    I loved the energy of the class. It was so supportive. I really feel that I benefitted greatly from the partner teaching!


    Kristen created a safe, welcoming environment - perfect for learning!


    The Mat 2 course challenges the body and the mind in a wonderful way! Kristen is encouraging and positive throughout the weekend.


    Kristen is very bubbly, energetic and makes learning easier. She is patient and compassionate but very professional. I really enjoy her teaching!


    The Mat 2 course was wonderful. My instructor trainer was so upbeat and kept me going. I loved it. Thank you!!

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