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    camille-harrisonWhere do I begin…I set out at the beginning of the year like most, committing that I was going to focus on my physical health. The difference this year was that I wanted to explore fitness programs that were different than the traditional gym or workout videos I usually try. After a bit of research I decided to explore Pilates.

    I contacted a number of studios in the area and came across Body Balance Institute and immediately felt comfortable. I signed up for the three introductory sessions with Kristen and was hooked!

    I immediately realized just how inflexible and out of shape I was but was really encouraged by Kristen’s patience and encouragement. My initial intention was to sign up for one series of private sessions until I was comfortable with the exercises…. and would sign up for classes beyond that. I enjoy the one on one attention and focus of the private sessions so needless to say I have not joined a class. That was in January…5 months and 40 plus sessions later I now religiously renew my package with Kristen and with few exceptions I see her 3 days per week.

    What I appreciate most about our relationship (I consider Kristen a friend in health) is her ability to customize my workout to where I am physically. Each workout has been progressively difficult but I am able to keep up…who knew. She is invested and as excited about my progress as I am.

    I have a new body now…. one that I am more and more proud of with each workout. My posture has improved…I am much stronger, leaner and more toned. This has been a journey, one I plan to continue for years to come. I can’t be sure how this would have turned out at another studio with a different instructor but I know that my accomplishments to this point are directly attributed to Kristen and a bit of self-determination!

    This is an awesome journey.

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