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    TaraOriginally from New York, Tara recently relocated to Jacksonville and is excited to continue her Pilates journey at Body Balance Institute. An avid yogi for many years, and a singer, Tara discovered Pilates in NYC where she was training to pursue a career in music. Especially interesting to her was the way that Pilates focused on the connection to and the emphasis on breath in its practice. An enthusiastic student from the start, she found the idea of isolated focus in the body to be a form of active meditation and was delighted to discover a feeling of “more space” and length within herself. She began to develop what would become an almost daily practice and started inviting friends along to share the experience of Pilates. This desire to share Pilates eventually grew into a desire to teach it, and she began pursuing a certification.

    Having taught briefly in NYC, Tara is looking forward to continuing education through Balanced Body and completion of her comprehensive Pilates certification. She is eager to develop the skills necessary to be a useful practitioner and is driven by a desire to help others find connection, stability, strength and confidence in their own bodies.

    In her free time, Tara enjoys being immersed in nature, whether it’s the beach, the woods or anywhere else. She loves singing, making crafts (especially DIY home goods), and cuddling her cat, Elton. She is also a proud Navy girlfriend and feels beyond lucky to be starting this new adventure in a new city with her best friend.

    At the end of the day, her biggest goal in life is to bring genuine connection, empathy and kindness to everyone she encounters. She is constantly striving to better herself both professionally and spiritually and hopes to grow into the kind of instructor (and person) who can inspire others to love themselves without conditions. She is thrilled to have found The Body Balance Institute and is so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community!

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