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    4776 Hodges Blvd # 204
    Jacksonville, FL 32224

    Tara Scalesi

    Pilates Apprentice

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    Emily Floyd

    Pilates Apprentice

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    Ann Middleton

    Pilates Apprentice

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    Glenn Morgan

    Pilates Instructor

    • Balanced Body reformer level 3


    • MS in Dance Science from Laban London, UK and BIS in Dance and Kinesiology Arizona State University

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    Diane Powers

    Pilates Instructor

    • • APilates Method certified teacher 2013

    • Balance Body training in chair, reformer and Cadillac

    • Nautilus equipment trained, 1983, Chicago, Illinois

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    Carrie Walters

    Studio Manager/Pilates & Bodhi Instructor

    • Self proclaimed Type A+ Studio Manager and Organizer

    • Pilates Institute of America Certified (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower and Props)

    • Bodhi Suspension Instructor

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    Andrea Danti

    Massage Therapist/Acupuncturist

    • Level 3 lymphatic massage specialist

    • Dietary consultant

    • TCM trained acupuncturist and herbalist

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    Taylor Brown

    Pilates Instructor/Gyrotonic Instructor

    • Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor (as of 2006)

    • Level 1 Gyrotonic Instructor (as of 2014)

    • Practitioner of Active Isolated Stretching by Aaron Mattes (as of 2011)

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    Vicki Sullivan

    Studio Owner

    • Master Pilates Instructor for Balanced Body

    • Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis Instructor

    • Corporate Wellness Director for PGA Tour

    • MS, PHD, RD

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    Lisa Long

    Pilates Instructor

    • E-RYT 500, National Teacher Trainer, Yoga as Therapy

    • Comprehensive Pilates, Balance Body University

    • AFAA National Presenter

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    Kristen Sullivan

    Master Pilates Instructor/Gyrotonic Instructor

    • Power Pilates Comprehensively Certified 2009, Balanced Body Master Trainer and Faculty Pilates 2013, Balanced Body Barre Instructor 2013, PMA certified 2012

    • Level 1 GYROTONIC certified 2015

    • MFA in Dance Florida State University, BFA in Dance University of Nevada Las Vegas

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    Erin Johnson

    Massage Therapist/Pilates Instructor

    • Licensed Massage Therapist, FL MA45303

    • Body Balanced trained Pilates Instructor

    • Qigong practitioner

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    Craig Pepin-Donat

    Pilates Instructor

    • Comprehensively Pilates Certified

    • Arc Certified

    • Held other nationally recognized certifications

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    Cheryl Forehand

    Master Pilates Instructor

    • Balanced Body Master Trainer and Faculty Member (Anatomy in 3D & Pilates)

    • PMA, ACE and AFAA certified

    • Balanced Body Pilates comprehensively trained

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    Our instructors take their work very seriously. They are exceptional in their credentials and are inspired to learn the latest and most advanced techniques in the field. They are compassionate and highly motivated to help their clients achieve their goals.

    You will receive individualized attention by highly trained and certified instructors from a wide variety of certifications including Physical Mind Institute, Stott Pilates, Core Dynamics, Polestar, and Balanced Body. All of our instructors at Body Balance institute are trained under the PMA guidelines.

    Our Mission


    To create individualized fitness and wellness programs that enhance and empower the lives of our clients.

    At Body Balance Institute we offer an extensive selection of specialized equipment and programming coupled with personal attention for each and every one of our clients. Our nationally certified team is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and integrate what they learn here into daily living – work, play and everyday movement – to empower them with knowledge that will help them live better lives.

    Body Balance Institute is also a center for higher learning and education for both instructors and individuals. As the only North Florida host site for Balanced Body™ – the largest Pilates equipment and continuing education company in the world – Body Balance Institute educates and certifies those interested in expanding their knowledge on the full spectrum of the Pilates methodology. Our team is constantly seeks continuing education opportunities and stand out as knowledge leaders in the industry. We are affiliated with University of North Florida’s Health Science department and have served as an internship site for the graduate Nutrition department since 1997.

    Our Goal

    At Body Balance Institute our goal is to give people the tools they need to change their lives. We don’t simply give people a workout and send them home, instead we aim to inspire and teach you to incorporate healthy, intelligent movement into every waking moment and to care about and understand the importance of what you eat and how you fuel your most important asset…your body. We help you to enhance your life so you can be your best at everything you do.

    Our sessions are personalized and tailored to your specific needs including improved fitness, strength, posture, healthy eating, weight loss, pain management, injury prevention, pre-natal and post-partum fitness and sports specific training.

    As instructors we constantly ask: what are our clients looking for and how can we provide it? As educators and perpetual students we ask: what more can we personally do to enhance our skills to better accomplish our goals and to serve our clients? As a company we ask: how can we continue to create a service that exceeds all expectation?

    At Body Balance Institute, we provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment where there is literally no limit to your personal growth and wellbeing. We are committed to taking care of our valuable clients because we understand that the benefits of helping people reach their dreams and goals far exceed what we invest. We feel that it is a gift to have the opportunity to partner with you in your pursuit to live a stronger, healthier and more balanced life!